Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

10 Best honeymoon destinations outside India

There is an assumption among people that a honeymoon outside India is costly. But this is not always the situation. There are countries in the world that provide the best travel experience at a budget. If you are looking for cheap honeymoon destinations outside India, then this article is for you.

This article will talk about the ten best honeymoon destinations outside India. The cost of travelling to these countries is budget-friendly. Read through the article to know more about the place, things to do, the best time to travel, and much more.

Here is the list of cheap honeymoon destinations outside India.

1. Maldives

The first best honeymoon destination outside India is the Maldives. It is a small island nation located in South Asia near the Arabian Sea. The Maldives consists of a cluster of 1100 plus islands. The best part of visiting the Maldives is its transport experience. The most highly used transport of Maldives is speed boats and seaplanes.

Things to do in Maldives:

  1. Take a beautiful walk on the beach and see the sunset
  2. Experience international food on the cruise
  3. Reduce the stress of the wedding by visiting a Spa and getting massages.

The best time to visit the Maldives in November and April. At least spend 4 to 5 days in the Maldives to experience the country culture and history.

2. Fiji

The second place in our list of budget honeymoon destinations outside India is Fiji. Fiji is a tropical island located in the south pacific. The reason for visiting this Island is plenty. Apart from being a tourist spot, Fiji has the most developed economy in the world.

Things to do in Fiji:

Fiji is a clam island with local people doing their activities. The best thing to do in Fiji is enjoying nature. Walking on the shore of the Mamanuca islands is very peaceful. Apart from this, people can also visit ancient sites of the Island. Alternatively, one can also visit the villages near the Island and learn about their culture.

If you are planning to visit Fiji, then plan your trip in June. The best months to visit the destination are Mid June to September.

3. Thailand

The next honeymoon destination outside India is Thailand. The country is beautiful, with an interesting character. Thailand is the most sought out place for a honeymoon. It attracts a lot of tourists from various parts of the world.

Things to do in Thailand:

When in Thailand tourists can visit beaches and Islands. They can also go to museums, cafes, and water parks. Furthermore, people visiting Thailand can experience the nightlife of Pattaya. To see city life, Bangkok is the best city.

The place can be visited all through the year. But the best time to visit Thailand is in the winter months November and December. This is because the climate in these months is pleasant.

4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the budget honeymoon destination outside India. The country is located very close to India. The cost of the flight for Sri Lanka from India is also cheap. Visiting Sri Lanka for a honeymoon is very pleasant as it offers mesmerizing places to visit.

Things to do in Sri Lanka:

In the first place when visiting Sri Lanka visit its caves. After this take an elephant safari to the forest and see wild animals like Tiger, Yak, etc. Or for a relaxing trip walk on the beach and enjoy the coral life.

The best month to visit Sri Lanka depends on the part you are visiting. December to March is a good time to visit the west and south coast. For visiting the east coast of April and May’s months are good.

5. Dubai

Dubai is one of the richest countries in the world. Dubai is a country with beautiful luxury hotels, malls, and tourist spots. The Biggest Mall in the world is Dubai, which includes a large number of shops and activities. If you like a luxury honeymoon destination outside India, then this is the best place.

Things to do in Dubai

In Dubai, people can do so many activities. Some of these activities are visiting famous Burj Khalifa; riding in the desert and BBQ dinner with the family. In Dubai for some adventure, you can try Skydiving.

Months of January and February are a good time to visit Dubai. This is because during this time, the world fair will happen in the country. People from all over the world put a store in this world fair.

6. Bali

Bali is the next cheapest honeymoon destination outside India on our list. The place is rich, the hills, lakes, and beaches of Bali are beautiful. This destination is popular among the young couple and lovebirds.

Things to do in Bali:

  1. When in Bali, enjoy your time by spending a day at the beach or a spa.
  2. Enjoy adventure sports like Scuba diving, Paragliding, etc.

Those of you planning to visit Bali take a trip from April to October.

7. Malaysia

Malaysia is the least popular honeymoon destination outside India. But when planning for your honeymoons do consider visiting Malaysia. The place has a lot of offers it’s tourists and people visiting it.

Things to do in Malaysia:

  1. Visit the world-famous twin towers of the country
  2. Plan a day trip to its beautiful Island such as Manukan
  3. Explore the wildlife of the nation by going on a safari.

8. Balkans

Balkans is a country located in the European region. The country has a very small population with beautiful towns. Very little is known about Balkan as a tourist place. This place is the best honeymoon destination outside India in terms of its costs and activities.

Things to do in the Balkans:

  1. Enjoy the nightlife of the city by visiting local bars and pubs
  2. Beaches of the nation are stunning beauty, explore them.
  3. Visit the museums of the country.

8. Prague

The second last best country for honeymoon destinations outside India is Prague. The architecture and design of the country Prague is very beautiful. It is easy to fall in love with Prague for its beauty and charm.

Things to do in Prague:

The best thing to do in Prague is to get lost in nature. People visiting the city can forget about their busy life and enjoy peace here. The place is famous for beer and cruise.

Good time to visit Prague is in spring and fall season. Plan your trip to Prague from May month to September month. The climate of the country is pleasant to travel during these months.

10. Vietnam

The last place in our list of honeymoon destinations outside India is Vietnam. People travel to this country for two important reasons. These reasons are cost and culture. Vietnam is a popular place among honeymooners from all around the world.

Things to do in Vietnam:

It is a destination for a leisure trip. If you are someone who enjoys a lazed out trip then visit Vietnam. Walking hand in hand on the beach and streets of Vietnam is the best activity to do.

The ideal time to visit Vietnam is from March to May months.

Bottom Line

To sum it up the list of countries included in the article are the best destinations. These countries are easy on the pocket of tourists. The destinations also offer the best services, activities, and food. We hope this article helps pick the right honeymoon place.

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